Remembering Jerry Lesber

To my knowledge, all of our family members who served in the military returned home safely. But tomorrow I will recall my grandfather’s favorite cousin, Jerry Lesber.


Jerry probably sat for this portrait upon his return home in 1945-46. (Courtesy of Author)

A week after his birthday, the newly turned 20-year old New Yorker enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He reported for duty in 1942 and the following year he made Seaman 2nd Class. He served on board the USS SC-1304, a wooden submarine chaser that, like him, had been built and commissioned for service in the Atlantic in 1943. They hunted German U-boats over the next two years and he too later returned home safely.

He is shown wearing the American Campaign Medal ribbon bar and rank of 2nd class Radioman Technician, which apparently means that he worked on the ship’s radio and communication equipment.

It was only eight years later that he died of a sudden heart attack. My grandfather said that Jerry had always suffered from a weak heart condition. He was 29-years old.


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