Colorizing Cushing


Lt. Alonzo Cushing, West Point Military Academy, Class of 1861.

In 1863, Alonzo Cushing would find himself within the eye of the largest engagement of the American Civil War: Gettysburg.

Twice-wounded while desperately attempting to return fire, Cushing defiantly ordered more guns to the front, with an orderly-sergeant propping him up on his last remaining piece. “That’s excellent!” he told his men, “Keep that range.” Seconds later, he was struck in the head by a bullet, dying, as his battery fired their last rounds against the advancing enemy.

For his actions that day, his descendants were presented the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Obama in 2014, 151-years later.

Read more here:…/alonzo-h-cu…/Alonzo-H-Cushing.html



I had fun researching appropriate colors (17!) for that sharp West Point uniform too. The most challenging bit was the rare M1840 cadet sword which apparently had a silver hilt and brown leather scabbard. Upon closer inspection, I also determined that Cushing’s had two decorative knots: one of brown leather, the other of gold-gilt.

My decision on the hair and eyes was from a Wall Street Journal article by Prof. Allen Guelzo, who describes Cushing as, “blue-eyed, with reddish-brown hair and a bit on the small size.”


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