As at the time in the vast trenches, the depositories of slain, Northern and Southern, after the great battlesnot only where the scathing trail passed those years, but radiating since in all the peaceful quarters of the landwe see, and ages yet may see, on monuments and gravestones, singly or in masses to thousands or tens of thousands, the significant word UNKNOWN.

Walt Whitman

The Significant Word is dedicated to the forgotten past in an effort to shed light on questions raised in the present.

Initially begun to document veterans stories, my blog has become a more varied endeavor to examine the curiosities of history. Topics have included biographies, Q&A, and in-depth artifact studies. Also hoping to bring in guest authors and their wealth of knowledge and diverse interests!

Please contact me with any thoughts, concerns, and general moments of zen. While this project was designed by myself, it certainly shouldn’t be driven by me. This is our shared history.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. You had pictures taken by the Berlin Studios in Cork, noting the sitters were ‘unknown’….In fact, those were my great grandparents, Patrick and Ellen [Donovan] Foley. Their son, Andrew Donovan Foley emigrated to the US via Boston in 1879. I believe he had a sister Bridget Foley born 1868. The center/back of the photo signed by Mary [Foley]Spellman, his daughter, to ‘Eddie’ my father Edward J Foley. There were also siblings Eleanor, Andrew, James, and Joseph. And yes, they all grew up on the Fellsway in Somerville, MA.

    • Hello! In the post I was referring to the third image in the photo grid. Not sure who she is but obviously related. I was confused by the inscription on the back, being one generation off since the names are the same as my dad and my grandmother. And that we ended up with them. I would be glad to send the original to you and your family. Just send me an e-mail at: thesignificantword(at)gmail(dot)com -J

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