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accounts_browseThe collection at Richmond National Battlefield consists of approximately 200 volumes of documents. The library is organized by state which includes personal correspondence, diaries, newspaper articles, and other printed and written material. Most of the items relate to the author’s experience in or around Richmond during the Seven Days or Overland Campaign of 1862 and 1864. This project is being personally funded by Jason C. Spellman.

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histories_browseUnit histories written about a military can provide contextual information on what action an individual might have seen. Some were compiled years after the war, while others have been researched more recently. Not every group has a reference guide written about them, but this index serves to identify some of them.

Hear the Recordings


In 2013, I attempted (poorly) to capture the sound of my cousin’s newborn son during a family dinner. Since that time I have continued to discover new places and sought to do the same. This project is nothing professional. Rather, it seeks to document a distinct time and space in my life.


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